Brawl Stars 8-Bit

How to get a free brawl stars characters 8-Bit?

8-Bit is a Common Brawlers who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 6000 Trophies. He has high health and a high damage output, but suffers by having the slowest movement speed of any Brawler. He attacks by firing long-ranged, high-damaging laser beams. His Super spawns a Damage Booster which boosts the damage of him and his allies within its radius. His first Gadget, Cheat Cartridge, instantly teleports him to his Damage Booster. His second Gadget, Extra Credits, triples the amount of lasers his next attack fires. His first Star Power, Boosted Booster, significantly increases his Damage Booster range and damage boost. His second Star Power, Plugged In, increases his movement speed while within a radius around the Damage Booster.

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