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Otis is a Destroyer-type and Chromatic rarity character. Otis can be unlocked starting at level 30 of the Season 13 Brawl Pass. Players who acquire it can open it as soon as they reach this milestone, and those who haven’t bought it will have the chance to unlock it by opening boxes.

(!) The content of this post is about a Brawler that has not yet been released in the game. On this page, you can see all the details of what the character will look like when he launches with the next update!

Otis is a street performer who enjoys the depths with Cil, his starfish friend. Together they create graffiti all over Starr Park.

When Will Otis Be Available?

Otis will be available in Brawl Stars at the beginning of Season 13, dated June 25.

How to get Brawler Otis?

This chromatic rarity brawler can be unlocked with the 13th season at level 30. Players who buy the Brawl Pass will be guaranteed to be unlocked, and those who do not acquire the pass will be able to unlock it from level 30 with luck to find it in Brawl, Mega Crates, and Big Crates.

Abilities of Brawler Otis, the chromatic brawler of Season 13

Attack: Ink Art

Otis squirted a blast of paint from his spray gun.

When attacking, the brawler uses a hose to spray paint at opponents and deal damage.

Super Attack: Star Silence

Otis throws Cil, who clings to the first

His super consists of him throwing a starfish, his friend “Cil”, at the opponent. With that, the hit brawler can’t attack, use accessories or abilities for a while, move.


The brawler Otis has two accessories; you can choose which one to use in each match. Accessories can be purchased by upgrading the brawler to level 7 in crates or in-store offers.

See what each accessory does:

Dormant Star

The next time it’s used, Cil will go dormant on the ground if she doesn’t hit any enemies. It waits until an enemy approaches.

  • By activating this accessory, your super starfish can be placed on the ground, so an opponent can fall into it and be unable to attack for a while.
  • Use per-game: 3 times

ink pump

  • Otis’ next attack launches a giant ball of paint, which leaves a puddle. The puddle deals 810 damage over 3.8 seconds.
  • With this accessory, your caster’s next attack throws a giant ball of paint, which will leave a puddle on the ground and if any opponent passes through it, they will take damage over time.
  • Use per-game: 3 times

Star Power

Star powers are unlocked by placing a brawler at level 9, so the player can earn them in boxes or offers in the store. Upon gaining a Star Power, the brawler rises to level 10.

Learn all about the Otis’s Star Powers of:

Stencil Glue Strongarm

  • Cil squeezes the enemy with all his strength, avoiding attacks for an additional 33% of the time.

  • Using this power, the starfish Sil will stick to the opponent longer, causing more effect.

Ink Refill

  • Otis fires 33% more ink.
  • With this Star Power, Otis’ caster will gain the ability to cast 33% more ink.

Otis Wiki

LevelHealthAttack damageSuperSuper DurationSuper Charge per Attack
 Long Long
138003 x 460   
239903 x 483   
341803 x 506   
443703 x 529   
545603 x 552   
647503 x 575   
749403 x 598   
851303 x 621   
953203 x 644   
1055103 x 667   
1157003 x 690   

SKing Of Otis

Default Otis


Balance Changes

None so far…

Tips for playing with Otis

Coming soon!

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