New Brawlers Maisie, New “Bling” Currency, Lots of Skins, and more – April/2023 Brawl Talk

Hey guys! Another edition of Brawl Talk was aired, the series of videos in which Brawl Stars developers present the news for the next game update. As always, this update promises to bring many amazing contents, like two new brawlers, new currency to buy cosmetics, many skins, changes, and more. So, get ready to know the news! Let’s go!

April/2023 Update Brawl Talk

Watch Brawl Talk and see our roundup detailing everything from this update below!

This time, Brawl Talk was aired as a 24-hour scheduled premiere, as had already been happening. The reason was that the team is testing a video feature with multiple audio tracks of voiceovers on YouTube, but this feature is not yet available for premieres. So this edition brings many surprises, watch!

Do you prefer text content?! Here are all the details of what was revealed in Brawl Talk:

This update brings content for the upcoming season, themed “Jungle Fighting,” with a new environment, hom

Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk - New Brawlers Maisie, New "Bling" Currency, Lots of Skin and lots of improvements!

👩‍🚒 New Brawler Maisie

And the new chromatic brawler of this update is called Maisie. She works at Starr Park as a cinema security assistant, helping to prevent accidents on Brawlywood productions, especially when Buster and Fang are involved! Despite loving them both, she also detests them for having to supervise them like she is their big sister.

It is also worth mentioning that the brawler Maisie completes a trio with Fang and Buster.

Talking about her attributes, see how the new brawler works in battle:

Main Attack: With her attack, Maisie uses the Pressure Cannon in place of her arm, launching a single projectile, which gains speed over time!
This attack is long-range and medium-sized, dealing damage at the same rate.
Super Skill: With her Super, she can shoot the projectile at the ground, generating a shock wave, causing damage, and pushing everyone around.
As it is a very strong attack, it is not activated instantly, so it has a slight delay, which should not interfere with its use, but should give the opponent time to realize what will happen even if he cannot escape.

She will arrive in the next season, which starts on May 1st, on Monday, along with the skin in the Brawl Pass, Maisie Queen of the Jungles, giving a new style to her metallic arm, gaining a golden snake. In addition, a Technique skin will also be available, with the value of 29 Gems.

The Skins of the New Update

And let’s go with another new brawler, this time to keep Otis company. Hank is a creature that lives in the depths, uses a pufferfish submarine, and is an epic brawler.

🐡 New Brawler Hank

And let’s go with another new brawler, this time to keep Otis company. Hank is a creature that lives in the depths, uses a pufferfish submarine and is an epic brawler.

Main Attack: When attacking, it launches an explosive balloon that increases in size the more it charges (maximum charge time is 3 seconds). And after attacking, he can keep aiming, but the size of the balloon doesn’t increase.
There is a cooldown between each attack.
Super Ability: With his super, Hank launches a school of torpedo fish, launched in all directions and only interrupted by targets or a wall.

The new epic brawler will arrive with a “Shark Tank Hank” skin, costing 29 Gems.

🐒 "Jungle Fight" skins

Bananas Colt


Panther Max

Jaguar Spirit Meg (Star League)

And with Christmas approaching, we’ll also have some visuals within the theme but Dark Brawl Parties. See them all:

⚡ "Legends of Olympus" skins

Tick Cerberus

Nani Ares

Brock Zeus

Too many skins:

🌟 Other Skins

Carl Goblin

Leon Malhado

Bibi Babalu

Edgar Asa Preta

Buzz Monster

Emz Fashionista

And in addition to these new looks, the team worked on remodeling Jessie’s Skins: Amazon, Dark Amazon, and Scarlet Dragon.

Changes to Brawler Meg

And already advancing the balance changes of this update, one of them is on Brawler Meg, which received a major overhaul in some attributes!

  • Meg will start with her robot and will not lose health over time;
  • The robot will receive a Nerf to make it weaker;
  • After the robot is destroyed, she reverts to Meg and needs the super to get the robot back again.

Introducing the Rarities of Skins

And in this update, we will have a change in skins. They will now have rarities, making it easier to understand the cost of each look, according to Dani on Brawl Talk!

The rarities follow the same ones that already exist in the game for brawlers: Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythical, and Common Skins.

The rarities will define the value of each skin, and the team took the opportunity to explain some characteristics:

Rare Skins: 29 Gems
Skins that have some texture or minor changes but no special effects or animations.
Super Rare Skins: 79 Gems
Epic Skins: 149 Gems
Mythic Skins: 199 Gems
Legendary Skins: 299 Gems
They are more well-crafted skins, coming with everything that is entitled, such as icon, spray, and reaction, in addition to major changes in their appearance.

And as the team had already revealed, and you must have been following the news here on the site, the 49 Gems skins will increase in price, starting to cost 79 Gems. But while the update does not arrive, they are being offered in the store, so if you are interested, this is your chance to get it at the current price.

Bling: New to the Brawl Economy

And the big news of this update is the addition of a new item to the economy, the Blings (no official translation yet). This is the solution for players who don’t spend money on the game or are out of gems.

The resource will go into the game to replace Star Points, which will be used to purchase most of the game’s customization content, such as Skins, Reactions, and Profile Icons!

Bling Coin will be delivered the same way as Star Points, but the amount has been balanced depending on how it is earned. And as expected, the Star Points you currently have will be converted to the new currency (bling) once the new update arrives.

Very active players in the game can redeem enough resources to buy about eight new skins (out of 149 Gems) per year. And if the player has the Brawl Pass every season, he can buy even more resources.

  • It is also possible to use Blings to get a discount on skins (Blings + Gems).
  • Brawl Pass Tier 1 Skin and Special Reactions Pack have been exchanged for several blings.
  • The final reaction was exchanged for coins in the free rewards part of the Brawl Pass.
  • It will also be possible to spend blings in the catalog. See more about it below:

Cosmetics Catalog

And coming with the new “bling” currency, there will also be the Cosmetics CATALOG, where you can purchase most of the customization items ever released in the game, including reactions, sprays, profile icons, and skins! This catalog will be available in the store or on a brawler’s page.

Seasonal items, special event items, and mythical and legendary skins cannot be purchased with blings.
Items are organized in the catalog into groups, where one can be listed under several.
It will be possible to see all customization items for each brawler; just select it in the catalog.
When a new skin is released, it will take two weeks to buy using blings (before that, only with gems). This count of days will be available in the catalog.
Since the Tier 1 skin of the paid Brawl Pass has been exchanged for the new currency, at least one skin can be purchased with the feature on day one (no 2-week exclusivity). This season it will be Max Onça.
Most Star Point skins will be obtainable using Gems and Blings (you have until the update release to purchase them with Star Points).
Bo Bot color variations will not be unlocked for star points or blings after the update, only after purchasing the main skin (Bo Bot), just like with Mortis Bot.
This also goes for Eared Penny, Amazon Jessie, and Captain Carl (although it will be possible to buy using blings).

The new currency and the catalog will already be released in the game when the update arrives!

Other Update Updates

Change in season trophies readjustment: After the update will happen every two weeks, as already reported here on the site.
But only your top 20 brawlers above 500 trophies will be reset.
The bling reward will be based on resetting these 20 brawlers, which has changed significantly.
It will be possible to see battle highlights at the end of 3v3 matches.
A new screen at the end of the battle will show each player’s stats, such as kills, losses, and damage dealt.
It will be possible to receive likes (like a “good game”) on the match result screen.
New player stats featured at the end of the match, such as “Dealt more damage,” “More eliminations,” etc.
The underdog status will only appear at the end of the battle, and if you lose, you won’t fail to win any trophies.
Matchmaking improvements have been implemented.
The criterion for receiving the “star of the match” has been changed, and you can even be a player from the losing team.
It will be possible to gain a bonus in the brawler’s domain even in a match in which he was defeated if he was the ace.
Rewards from the new stellar league divisions will be delivered immediately instead of waiting for the season to end.
Star League season readjustment increased.
Star Hunt mode will have one more victory condition: the first team to get 20 stars wins. But the other conditions (blue star and timer) continue.
Volleyball-brawl mode is back and will alternate with dueling in the community event.
A new variant of combat, “Edge Combat,” a mod that removes automatic health recovery and spawns healing hot dogs across the map.

Other News

  • 4 New Gears
  • 4th Anniversary Brawl: Free profile icon based on account age
  • Duels game mode will become permanent
  • We will have seven new duel maps

Colt Banana Skin Giveaway

  • Followers of the website and social networks will again be able to compete for 6x skins of the new update, the Colt Banana.

There will be two draws:

Be on the lookout to enter the sweepstakes once they start:

2 Skins in the Facebook Group: It will be open to all members, and two players will be drawn.
4 Skins on Discord: There will be four Skins there.

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