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The last Brawl Talk has brought us the announcement of Grom, a new character that will be incorporated into Brawl Stars. We tell you all the details revealed by the developers and how you can get it for free.

Brawl Stars will receive a new character very soon. Supercell has lived up to the tradition of making major announcements to fill the game with content during the holiday season, and featured Grom as one of its star new arrivals in the latest Brawl Talk.

Grom is a epic brawler in Brawl Stars, who wears characteristic clothes and works as a guard at a castle in Starr Park. This new epic character brawler that will be characterized by the launch of bombs, ​and that promises to become one of the most interesting alternatives for players who prefer to focus on inflicting damage to rivals.

What is Grom Abilities? the crazy bomber from Brawl Stars

When a new Brawl Stars character is introduced, only the most important abilities are shown to us. A custom that has not changed this time. However, and although there are still some unknowns to know as the possible gadgets of him, we already have more than interesting data to begin to draw conclusions about what the power of Grom will be when he finally joins the title.

  • Health: 4,500
  • Life: Restores 100/150/200 health points when immobile.
  • Damage per bombs: Deals 10/15/20% extra damage when below 50% 
  • Super per  bombs: 2700*4
  • Speed:  Increases speed by 15/20/25% when walking in bushes.
  • Resistance: Reduces stun duration, and reduces slowing effects by 25/30/35%. 
  • Shield: Gain extra 300/450/600 hit points as a shield. The shield regenerates 50 health per second with 100% health.

Basic Attack: When attacking he uses bombs, the drop bombs through the air at a target location overcoming obstacles on the map. Upon falling to the ground, they explode expanding in four directions (+ shape).

Super Ability: Throw a gigantic bomb that works in a similar way to the basic attack, but dealing 2,700 damage and destroying the terrain with which it hits.

The skill kit looks extraordinarily interesting and will put damage above any other feature. Although the power of his basic attacks cannot be clearly appreciated, Grom’s presentation in Brawl Talk suggests a massive ability to reduce the opponent’s hit points. In addition, he will help us in a way the fact of being able to cross barriers of the map.

Grom Brawl Stars Wiki

The Grom is of epic Rarity, with movement speed of normal.

How to get Brawl Stars Grom for free?

Over the next few weeks, the “Brawlidays” event will be activated in Brawl Stars, which will include many rewards in exchange for completing challenges. It will be through this system and as of December 23 that we will be able to meet the challenges. The method of obtaining it will be very similar to that of Griff. In this way, if we do not get it for free, we can get it in the store or through boxes at the end of this month.

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