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About New Brawler Mandy

The brawler Mandy is of chromatic rarity and, therefore, will be the one in the Brawl Pass. She is the CEO of Starr Park’s Candyland. She looks like a brawler with blonde hair, a crown, and staff and star robes.

Skills of Mandy, the most chromatic rarity Brawler of Brawl Stars Season 16

She seems sweet, but she’s just a front for her clientele! When she’s alone, she’s always angry, either because Chester is teasing her or because customers behave like customers!

This form is characterized by reduced movement speed, minor damage, and attack speed. In exchange, he has much more health and range.

  • Health: 4050 hp
  • Primary Attack: When attacking with her main attack, she launches an accurate shot with the most extended range of any brawler in the game, but only if she stands still and charges her range bar. If she moves, the field reverts to the normal sniper-type range.
  • Super Skill: Using her Super, she shoots a sugary ray that reaches the other side of the map. This super takes a while to charge, so it should be enough to get away from her.

As usual, as a chromatic brawler from the Brawl Pass, she comes to the game with an even more excellent secondary skin, Magmatic Mandy. And it doesn’t stop there; she gets another look called MC Mandy. So there will be two skins at launch! See below her main face and Skin (which shoots lava instead of candy) and MC Mandy:

Mandy and the Brawl Pass arrive in January after the current season ends.

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