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The latest Brawl Talk has cleared up our doubts about the news of Season 12 of Brawl Stars. Among them is Janet, a new circus character that will come to the game in the form of a chromatic brawler.

The two-month wait since the last Brawl Talk has been worth it for the Brawl Stars community. Supercell has already presented the novelties of Season 12 and has highlighted the imminent launch of Janet. The new chromatic brawler will arrive in the game in just a few days and will become the favorite circus star of the player, thanks to her particular and exciting abilities. In addition, she will not arrive alone since a second character has appeared with her.

Supercell has followed the usual strategy with the presentation of characters and has not revealed all the details about the new brawler. However, the information confirmed by the developer is more than enough for us to think that she will be a formidable hero. She has an exciting basic attack and, above all, a Super that promises to be hilarious to use and will allow us to hunt down any enemy. It should be noted, yes, that the latter seems somewhat difficult to use.

When does Janet get out, and how does she get her?

Janet will be available in Brawl Stars at the beginning of Season 12, dated April 25. As for the method of obtaining, it will be the same as with all chromatic brawlers. She will be part of the next Battle Pass, with whose purchase we can also unlock an alternative aspect that characterizes her as a valkyrie. This skin will be available as a reward for completing the brawl pass.

About New Brawler Janet

Janet is a Destroyer-type character with a Chromatic rarity. It can be unlocked starting at level 30 of the Season 12 Brawl Pass. Players who acquire it will be able to unlock it as soon as they reach this milestone, and those who haven’t bought it will have the chance to unlock it by opening boxes.

  • The content of this post is about a Brawler that has not yet been released in the game. On this page, you can check out all the details of the character’s appearance when he launches with the next season of Brawl Pass
Janet is the star of the show and makes sure everyone knows.
It's too bad her sister Bonnie is always getting into trouble

Abilities of Janet, the chromatic brawler of Season 12

Attack: False

Janet is an expert in falsetto. The longer Janet holds the note, the more focused and farther it goes.

Super Attack: Crescendo

Janet uses her jetpack to fly and hit enemies from above for the attack duration.

By using her super hers, she makes use of her jetpack that she carries on her back, flying over the battlefield. With her attack, you can control her and even damage other brawlers on land.


The brawler has two accessories, and you can choose which one to use in each match. Accessories can be purchased by upgrading the brawler to level 7, in crates or in-store offers.
See what each accessory does:

Sound in the box

Janet uses a loudspeaker that inflicts 100 damage per second to all enemies within range until destroyed.

  • By clicking on her accessory, she will go a loudspeaker that will damage all opponents in range.
  • Use per-game: 3 times

VIP Access

  • Janet’s next falsetto can push her backward, causing her to jump over walls. The strength of the recoil is proportional to the concentration of the attack.
  • By clicking on the accessory, the brawler’s next attack will gain the ability to push her back, even managing to jump over walls.
  • Use per-game: 3 times

Star Power

Star powers are unlocked by placing a brawler at level 9, so the player can earn them in boxes or offers in the store. Upon gaining a Star Power, the brawler rises to level 10.
Learn all about Janet’s Star Powers:

Privileged View

  • While flying, Janet can reveal enemies hiding in bushes in a large area nearby.

  • With this Star Power active, the brawler will be able to see opponents that are hiding in bushes while flying overhead.

Vocal warm-up

  • Janet’s attack focuses 30% faster.
  • This Power will make her main attack, Falsete, faster.

Janet's Wiki

LevelHealthAttack damageSuperSuper DurationSuper Charge per Attack
 Normal Short
1330010008 x 600  
237801050 8 x 630  
339601100 8 x 660  
441401150 8 x 690  
543201200 8 x 720  
645001250 8 x 750  
746801300 8 x 780  
848601350 8 x 810  
950401400 8 x 840  
1052201450 8 x 870  
1154001500 8 x 900  

How to get Janet?

This chromatic rarity brawler can be unlocked with the 12th season at level 30. For players who buy the Brawl Pass, it will be guaranteed to be unlocked, and those who do not purchase the pass will be able to unlock it from level 30 with luck to find it in Brawl Mega Crates and Big Crates.

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