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About New Brawler Chester

And we’ll have a new legendary brawler named Chester coming to the game.

Chester is a chaotic prankster who is very annoying. He’s the type that never stops teasing everyone. He thinks it’s funny, but that’s how he shows affection.

Skills of Chester, the most Legendary rarity Brawler of Brawl Stars Season 16

Mandy has a love-hate relationship with Chester but more hate; she has her reasons!

This form is characterized by reduced movement speed, minor damage, and attack speed. In exchange, he has much more health and range.

Health: 4050 hp
Primary Attack: When taking out using his attack, he launches flurries of projectiles that follow the same pattern, no matter how much ammo you have:

  • The first attack launches a projectile;
  • The second launched three missiles;
  • The third launches five shots;

Super Skill: This is the first brawler to feature random Supers, that’s right! There are five different Supers; you will know which one when the Super icon appears. The supers are:

  • Throw a Bomb;
  • Slow down enemies in an area;
  • Poison enemies in a cone;
  • If you heal;
  • A stunning direct attack;

You know which Super you will use, but your opponents must guess!

And talking about Chester’s look, he is a brawler with the appearance of a clown, or jester, with blue and purple costumes. And he will arrive in the game with a skin called Dark Chester. See it all below:

When the Chester Brawl Stars available?

Chester will be available on the day of the December update, and if you already have at least one Legendary Brawler, you can start unlocking Chester as soon as he appears on the new Star Trail!

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