Brawl Stars Season 12 Rewards – Free & Brawl Pass

The Acrobatics Show season has arrived! Follow what news this Brawl Pass has in store for us! Remembering that in the last update, in which the content of this season was revealed, it was also shown that we would have two new brawlers, Janet, who is the Chromatic Brawler, and Bonnie, who will be released throughout this season, and a new item in the rewards, the sprays.

See all the details of this new season of Brawl Pass below.

Season 12 Presentation Animation

Season 12 Rewards – Free & Brawl Pass

Players will get free rewards of Boxes, Gems, gold power points, and a pin pack! And for players who purchase the Brawl Pass! There will be two exclusive skins, the new Brawler Janet, reactions, boxes, and lots of gold!

Season Rewards:

LevelTokens to UnlockBrawl Pass RewardFree Reward
00Skin Biker CarlBig Box
17525 Power PointsBrawl box
275Mega Box10 Gems
310050 GoldBig Box
415025 Power PointsBrawl box
520050 GoldBig Box
6300Big Box50 Gold
740050 GoldBig Box
840050 Power PointsBrawl box
940050 GoldBig Box
10400Reaction PackMega Box
1140050 GoldBig Box
1240050 Power PointsBrawl box
1340050 goldBig Box
14400Big Box10 Gems
1540050 GoldBig Box
1640050 Power PointsBrawl box
1740050 GoldBig Box
18400Mega Box50 Gold
1940050 GoldBig Box
2040050 Power PointsMega Box
2150050 GoldBrawl box
22500Big Box20 Gems
2350050 Power PointsBig Box
2450050 goldBrawl box
2550075 Power PointsBig Box
26500100 Gold50 Power Points
27500Big BoxBig Box
2850075 of GoldBrawl box
29500125 Power PointsBig Box
30500Brawler JanetMega Box
31500Janet’s ReactionBig Box
32500Big Box100 Gold
33500Janet’s ReactionBrawl box
34500Mega Box50 Power Points
35500Janet’s reactionBig Box
36500Big Box10 Gems
37500Janet’s reactionBig Box
3850075 of GoldBrawl box
39500125 Power PointsBig Box
40500125 GoldMega Box
41550Janet’s reactionBrawl box
42550Big Box75 Power Points
43550New SprayBrawl box
44550Big Box10 Gems
45550Janet’s reactionMega Box
46600125 Power PointsBrawl box
47600Mega BoxBig Box
48600125 Power Points200 Gold
49600Janet’s reactionBig Box
50600Big Box100 Power Points
51600Janet’s reactionMega Box
52600Big Box10 Gems
53600Janet’s reactionBig Box
54600225 GoldBrawl box
55600Janet’s reactionMega Box
56600Big Box200 gold
57650Janet’s reactionBig Box
58650125 Power PointsBrawl box
59650Janet’s reactionBig Box
60650Big BoxMega Box
61650Janet’s reactionBig Box
62650Mega Box20 Gems
63650Janet’s reactionBrawl box
64650Big Box100 Power Points
65650Janet’s reactionMega Box
66650250 goldBig Box
67650Janet’s reaction500 gold
68650150 Power PointsMega Box
69650Janet’s reaction500 Power Points
70650Valkrie Janet SkinReaction Pack
~500Big Box
  • Free Pass Total: 16 Brawl Crates, 25 Large Crates, 10 Mega Crates, 1,100 Gold, 875 PowerPoints, 1 Reaction Pack, and 90 Gems.
  • Total Brawl Pass Paid: 13 Large Crates, 5 Mega Crates, 1,375 Gold, 1,125 PowerPoints, 17 Janet Reactions, 1 Reaction Pack, Biker Carl Skin, and Janet Valkyrie Skin + Free Brawl Pass Rewards!

Will you buy the Brawl Pass in season 12? Don’t forget to support the site!

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