Brawl Stars Power League: Changes and Improvements!

The Brawl Stars announced on April 6th that the Power League (and Club League & friendly Power Matches) would be getting two improvements in the future. No date has been revealed yet, but this is expected to arrive with the game’s next update.

In summary, these are the changes:

  • Each person will get an individual ban.
  • Suggesting Brawlers to your teammates will be added in the picking phase (this might not make it to the next update, but the one after)

Details of How it will work?

Now let’s go to the text detailing these changes.

Individual blind bans:

  • At the start of the banning phase, each person can banish any Brawler they wish.
  • You can see what your teammates are currently selecting, and once they have banned a Brawler, you cannot ban it.
  • Just like now, individual bans will be blind (meaning the opposing team can’t see what you’re banning), so they may ban the duplicate Brawlers. This means the minimum number of banned Brawlers is three, and the maximum is 6.
  • With this change, Star League is now only available when a player reaches 4500 Trophies and has at least 12 Brawlers.
  • If you don’t banish or choose a Brawler, you will be selected a random one (this one is already active).

Brawlers Suggestion:

During the pick phase, your teammates will be able to suggest Brawlers for you to choose from during their pick turn via a new “Suggest” button. The suggestion will be shown on the side of the screen.
You can suggest a Brawler even after choosing yours.

Why are you making these changes?

“We believe that individual bans will benefit both competitive and casual players,” Supercell explains the text on the official website.

  • This will make matches more versatile when the strongest Brawlers for a specific map or mode are out of the way.
  • We wanted to add more bans, but we didn’t want to increase the time of the ban phase, so we decided to give extra bans to each of the players.
  • All players taking consistent action can make it more transparent and intuitive for everyone.
  • Suggesting Brawlers is a noticeable change that’s been expected to be added for a long time (and also one of the biggest requests from Star League), so there’s not much to talk about!) 😀


Why advertise now?

Not to be a surprise to our competitive players. It’s time to practice!

Why didn't you announce it sooner?

We needed to ensure that both changes made it to the next update!

That is all?

So far, yes! But we have a few more improvements planned for the future! And, of course, you are always welcome to leave your suggestions and comments on our social channels!

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