Brawl Stars Hank – Wiki, Information, Skins, and Attacks

Hank is a tank-type character of Epic rarity. He is a shrimp that lives deep inside your submarine tank and rarely leaves!
His appearance is that of a shrimp wearing a helmet, and his tank looks like a puffer fish, but with a torpedo launcher, helmet, goggles, and mouth with that, many may think that Hank is the tank when in fact, he is the creature inside him.

(!) The content of this post is about a Brawler that has not yet been released in the game. On this page, you can check out all the details of the character’s appearance when it is released with the next update!

Does size matter? We don't know, but tiny Hank is never seen outside his gigantic tank.

Abilities of Brawler Hank, the Epic brawler of Season 18

Attack: Explosive Balloon

The longer you hold the crosshairs, the bigger the burst.
When he goes to attack, he launches an explosive balloon, which increases in size as you keep aiming, but the maximum charge time is 3 sec, after which it explodes. But it is worth noting that there is a short cooldown between each attack.

Super Attack: Torpedo Fish

Hank launches torpedo fish in all directions.
Using his Super, the brawler launches a torpedo fish attack to all sides, only interrupted by targets or a wall.


Accessories are unlockable after upgrading to level 7 and can be purchased using coins. The player chooses which one to use in matches.
Understand how each Accessory works:

Water Balloon

  • The next basic attack also slows enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Activating this Accessory, the brawler’s next attack, and causing damage will let everyone hit with a slowdown effect for a short time.
  • Usage per game: 3 times


  • Hank takes 40% less damage for 3 seconds.
    With this Accessory,
  • Hank receives a shield against 40% damage for 3 seconds after use.
  • Usage per game: 3 times

Star Power

Star Powers are unlockable from the moment you upgrade the brawler to level 9; from then on, the player can buy them using coins.
Learn all about Hank’s Star Powers:

Will Explode

  • When the balloon’s charge exceeds 80%, Hank walks 20% faster.
  • This Star Power makes Hank walk faster while holding his full balloon attack.


  • Hank takes 20% less damage when he is near walls.
  • With this second Power activated on Hank, he now takes less damage when near walls around the map.

Hank's Wiki

Hank is Epic Rarity with normal movement speed.

LevelHealthAttack damageSuperAttack Reload SpeedSuper Damage
 Long Long
160002000 Normal6 x 1000
1190003000  6 x 1500

How to get Hank?

It is possible to unlock Hank on Star Trail using the Vouchers, or if you prefer, you can buy him using 169 Gems on the character screen.

All Hank Mastery Levels

Play with Brawler Hank to earn exclusive rewards! The domain system will reward you with points for each victory. As you reach new heights of mastery, you will earn rewards; see each one below.

Hank’s Mastery Levels
300750 Gold
800100 Power Points
1.50075 Vouchers
2.600 200 Power Points
4.0001,250 Gold
5.800150 Chromatic Valleys
10.300New Reaction
16.800Exclusive Player Icons
24.800Player Title: Junior Lieutenant

Earn multiple trophies or climb the stellar league to earn more dominance points with each victory.

Hank's skins

Brawler has more skins; see all of them below. Click to enlarge them!

Default Maisie

Shark Tank Hank Skin (29 Gems or 1,000 Blings)

Balance Changes

None so far…

Tips for playing with Hank

Coming soon!

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