Brawl Stars December 2021 Patch – Brawler Grom, Fang, Duel Mode, Skins and more!

December 2021 Patch – New Brawler Grom, Fang, Duel Mode, Skins and more! 

The new Brawl Stars update is finally arriving this Thursday (16). And as you could see here on the site, in the last few days we had complete coverage with all Sneak Peeks (update of the update). But if you missed something, here’s a rundown for you to keep track of before you get into the game!

Brawl Stars Animation: Happy Brawlidays

New Brawlers Update

Brawl Stars will have two new brawlers coming to the game. One of them will be epic, which can be unlocked for free in a challenge (Grom), to be released in the boxes a few days later. And the other will be Brawl Pass’s Chromatic Brawler in a few weeks yet.

Below is a brief description of each brawler and the link to the Brawler Wiki!

Grom - Epic Brawler

Grom is a security guard at Star Park whose best friend is his walkie-talkie! His biggest fears are children and their ability to destroy things.

Fang – Chromatic Brawler (Will be available in January)

Fang works in the Starr Park cinema, but he’s also an aspiring actor… Usually in low-budget martial arts movies.

New Brawl Pass and Star League Season

  • Year of the Tiger (it will be released in a few weeks)

New Skins

  • Classic Dynamike (FREE through Brawlidays Gifts)
  • El Corazon (On Valentine’s Day)

Skins Sazonais do Brawlidays de 2021

  • Spike Christmas Trunk
  • Griff Sled
  • Jacky christmas

Year of the Tiger Skins

  • El Tigre
  • Orochi Edgar
  • Sway Master Barley 
  • Nian Nita(Star League)
  • Major Rosa (Brawl Pass Level 1)
  • Furious Fang(Brawl Pass Level 70)

Silver/Gold Skins

  • Jacky
  • Lou
  • Penny
  • Rosa

New group of Skins - Pirates (available in 2022)

  • Colt Corsair
  • Little Pirate
  • Carl Captain
  • Pirate Eugene

New Reactions


  • Grom
  • Fang
  • Brawlidays Reactions
  • Brawlidays Skin Reactions
  • Reactions of the Year of the Tiger

New Reactions (Not Animated)

  • Grom’s Challenge
  • Valentine’s Day Skin Set Reactions (Cousin, Lou, Piper, Poco)
  • Matcher Reaction

Profile Icons

  • 2 new Year of the Tiger Profile Icons can be released in Star League


Grom's Challenge!

  • Win the Challenge to win the Grom!
  • 9 wins in total
  • Retry only costs 1 gem

Year of the Tiger Challenge

  • Win the Challenge to win a Megabox
  • 9 Wins
  • Retry for gemstones

LAML- Challenge of Master League LATAM

  • Win the Challenge to earn an exclusive Reaction
  • 12 Wins
  • It will also be the last time we will have the Master League LATAM skins in the store!

Game Environments

  • Arena “Year of the Tiger”! A retro fighting game environment

Game Modes

Duels, new 1×1 mode

  • Choose 3 different Brawlers before the match
  • Each brawler equals one extra chance

Duels, new 1×1 mode

  • Eliminate your opponent’s 3 Brawlers to win the match
  • Friendly Matches and API Matches
  • Now you can enable Star League format in Friendly/API match

Brawl Pass

  • Brawl Pass seasons don’t last longer than 10 weeks, now they start every Monday every other month.

  • The 10th season of Brawl Pass will be “transition”, it will start on January 17th, 2022 and will last for 7 weeks!

  • Daily Quests will now grant 200 tokens (over 100)

  • 4 medium quests (will be worth 250 tokens) have been changed to difficult quests (will be worth 500 tokens)

  • 6 Medium Brawl Pass Quests Have Changed To Difficult Quests


  • Club League Gold Tickets now cost 1 Gem or 1 Star Point. This is a momentary change while we are still working to make them free (in an upcoming Feb/Mar update)

  • Added a welcome message when a new player joins a club

  • Various improvements to the Club League screens

Fixed Bugs

  • Adjusted support for 120 FPS on new iPhones

  • Adjusted Gears effects for Squeak and Meg

  • Fixed a bug where Jacky ended up dealing only 1 damage in her limit area.

The update is now available from the App Stores and the game will be released right after the maintenance break!

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