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About New Brawler Bonnie

The latest Brawl Talk has revealed characters twice. In addition to Janet, Bonnie will also be joining the game throughout Season 12 with some exciting abilities.

Skills of Bonnie, the most Fantastic Brawler of Season 12

At this point, we are more than tanned in the Brawl Stars character launch format. Supercell has revived the tradition and has not wanted to present many details about Bonnie, but what was seen in the Brawl Talk is enough to conclude. The new character will take on the role of a shapeshifter, continuing the trend started by Meg, although with more spectacular gameplay that promises to make her one of the great favorites of the community.

We need to separate her cannon form from her dismounted form to talk about the first details of the abilities.

Bonnie in cannon form

This form is characterized by reduced movement speed, minor damage, and attack speed. In exchange, he has much more health and range.

  • Health: 7,800 hp
  • Primary Attack: Launches a long-range projectile that deals 1,650 damage to enemies hit.
  • Super: Bonnie launches from the cannon to release her dismounted, dealing an unknown amount of damage on the way down.

Bonnie in disassembled form

This form is characterized by having fewer health points and range. In return, it increases damage, movement speed, and attack speed.

  • Health: 4,500 hp
  • Primary Attack: Throw three cannonballs a short distance. Each of them deals 1,000 points of damage.

  • Super: Bonnie gets back on the cannon, restoring health points.

When will Bonnie be available, and how do you get her?

Unfortunately, among the details that Supercell has not wanted to share are those related to the launch of Bonnie. Although we know that the new brawler will be available throughout Season 12, the specific release date or method of obtaining it has not been revealed. Hopefully, it will be activated in the middle of the season.

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