April/2022 Brawl Stars Update: Skins Values ​​and Release Dates

New "Stunt Show" Update Loading Screen

The next Brawl Stars update theme revolves around Stu’s Stunt Show, which will feature new members, Brawlers sisters Janet and Boonie. And like every update, of course, this one could not fail to have an entire loading screen.

Revealing the New "Stunt Show" Loading Screen

In this screen Janet is the highlight, along with her sister Boonie in the background. We can also see Carl with his new biker skin, Spike and Meg with her new supertruck. The setting is Stu’s Stunt Show, which is in Starr Park.

New Skins of the News Update

In addition to the new characters, we will have a variety of theme skins.The new Brawl Stars update will bring a lot of new content to the game, including for the next season of Brawl Pass, which starts next week. And among the news, we will have several new skins, both to be acquired in the Store, challenges, and League.

Follow in this post the value and release date of each of these skins, which arrive in the April Update but are scheduled for release until June.

New SKins

Skins Release Dates and Values

Attention: These dates may change without notice from Supercell!

The following Skins will be available for purchase and then available for gems.

  • Daruma Mr.p (Golden Week) – 79 Gems (Golden Week) – Launching April 29 (Friday)
  • Tempest Tara – 149 Gems (Brawl Lantern Event) – Launching April 30 (Saturday)
  • Monster Truck Meg – 149 Gems – Launching May 6 (Friday)
  • Pyro Spike – 49 Gems – Launching May 13 (Friday)
  • Empress Bonnie – 149 Gems – Launching June 6 (Monday)
  • Overlord Byron – 149 Gems – Launching June 8 (Wednesday)
  • Galaxy Storm Lola – 79 Gems – Launching June 10 (Friday)

Tempestuous Tara Skin Giveaway

We’ve already posted some giveaways for Tara’s new skin on Discord on the site and in the Facebook Group (which starts later today)

Silver and Gold Skins

  • Belle – Prateada (10.000 de ouro) / Dourada (25.000)
  • Ash –//–
  • Lola –//–
  • Meg –//–
  • Stu –//–

The 12th Brawl Pass Skins

  • Biker CarlBrawl Pass (Level 1) – May 3rd releases the Pass
  • Valkyrie Janet – Brawl Pass (Level Level 70)
  • In the 60th round of Star League wins, the Crash Test Darryl will unlocked for 25,000 Star Points.

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