8 Tips to Get Free Gems In Brawl Stars (2023)

Gems are one of the most valuable resources in Brawl Stars, as they can be used to buy Brawlers, skins, and other in-game items. While gems can be purchased with real money, there are also some ways to get free gems in Brawl Stars. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best ways to get free gems in Brawl Stars.

Complete Brawl Pass Challenges

Brawl Pass is a premium feature in Brawl Stars that unlock challenges that offer rewards, including gems. You can earn up to 90 gems per season by completing Brawl Pass challenges. To access Brawl Pass, you’ll need to purchase it with real money or gems.

Participate in Special Events

Brawl Stars occasionally hosts special events that offer gems as rewards. These events can include limited-time game modes, challenges, or tournaments. Check the events tab in the game regularly to see if any events are offering gems as rewards.

Open Brawl Boxes

Brawl Boxes are a type of loot box in Brawl Stars that can be earned by playing the game. You can open Brawl Boxes to receive random rewards, including gems. While the chance of getting gems from a Brawl Box is relatively low, it’s still worth opening them to see if you get lucky.

Join a Club

Joining a club in Brawl Stars can offer various benefits, including earning gems. Many clubs host regular events and tournaments that offer gems as rewards. You can earn gems by completing club challenges or participating in club wars.

Participate in the Trophy Road

The Trophy Road is a series of rewards you can earn by accumulating trophies. By reaching certain trophy milestones, you can earn gems and other rewards like Brawlers and coins. The higher your trophy count, the more rewards you can earn.

Complete Supercell ID Offers

Supercell ID is a feature in Brawl Stars that allows you to save your progress and play the game across multiple devices. You can also earn free gems by completing offers through Supercell ID. These offers include downloading other games, signing up for services, or completing surveys.

Participate in Social Media Giveaways

Brawl Stars occasionally hosts giveaways on their social media channels, including Twitter and Instagram. These giveaways can offer gems as rewards and other in-game items. Follow Brawl Stars on social media to stay up-to-date on any giveaways.

In conclusion, while gems can be a valuable resource in Brawl Stars, there are several ways to get them for free. By completing Brawl Pass challenges, participating in special events, opening Brawl Boxes, joining a club, participating in the Trophy Road, completing Supercell ID offers, and participating in social media giveaways, you can earn free gems and enjoy all the benefits they have to offer.

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