Brawl Stars Eve, Many Skins, Two New Modes and more news – Brawl Talk February/2022 Update

The first Brawl Stars Update of 2022 is coming, and the new Brawl Talk is now live on the official game channel. There’s a lot of new stuff coming, among them a New Brawler named Eve, who is part of the Ruffs trio, a lot of amazing New Skins, Two new Game Modes, lots of improvements and changes, as well as 10 new accessories. Come check it all out here at Brawl Tips, first hand!

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​In the meantime, come check out all the details first hand!

And as the rumors already indicated, this new update and season is Biomutation themed, revealing the Garden of Starr Park. It is in this environment that the beautiful flowers, plants and creatures of Starr Park are created.

February/2022 Brawl Talk Update

New Brawler Eve

Eve is the new Chromatic Brawler from the Brawl Pass. She is an alien race flea, who arrived on a ship and is part of Colonel Ruffs’ trio.

She is a mother who just wants to give her babies love and a home, even if she has to disintegrate everyone in the way.

Attack: When attacking, she launches three projectiles (eggs) in a row, which have varying size and damage.

Super: She Releases a huge egg that hatches and after a few seconds generates three chicks. And if the hatchlings aren’t destroyed before engaging the nearby enemy, they’ll deal damage over time.

This brawler has a quirk. Since she is flying in her spaceship, she is able to float over certain locations such as water and holes.

How to get Brawl Stars Eve?

Eve will be a part of the Brawl Pass and like the previous seasons will be unlocked at Tier 30.

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New Update Skins

Firefly Rico
Ivy Belle
Mantis Rosa
Corrupted Sprout
Beetle Meg
Lion Bull (Club Store)
Bunny Grom(at Easter)
Wasp Bo(Star League)

The values ​​of each skin will be revealed in the coming days. Follow the site to stay on top of all the Sneak Peeks in the update!

New Silver and Gold Skins

Silver and Gold Skins for Brawlers: Buzz, Colonel Ruffs, Sprout and Surge

Two New Game Modes Coming

“Push and Pull” and “Extermination” are the newest game modes that are coming with the next update of Brawl Stars, both 3v3.

Push and Pull Mode

This is a classic mode of many games. In it you have to defend a cart that has a way to go to the destination, while the opponent does the same. A mode that will display a lot of strategy.

Exterminate Mode

In this mode you and your team have to defeat the opposing team’s brawlers, or defeat more brawlers than the opposing team in two minutes. A mode for more casual players to enjoy.

These new game modes are coming to the game as temporary, but depending on player feedback, it could become permanent, or come back in the future with changes. So play hard and give feedback to the team.

Ten New Accessories are coming…

It’s been a long time since new accessories were added to the game, but this is coming to an end. With the next update we will have 10 new accessories in the game. And from the preview of Brawl Talk, accessories for brawlers: Lola, Emz, Squeak and Byron have already been confirmed.

Other News

1, Changing the Healing Gear
Instead of healing your Brawler when he is stationary, gear now improves healing overall.

2, Change to New Players
Combat Mode will now be the first game mode released (before it was Pique-Gema), as it is simpler

3, Starhunter, Strategic Zone, Robbery and Knockout Rotation changed
With the next update it will be daily and not hourly. Cornered Mode is out of this rotation for now, but it’s still in the map maker.

4, Star League Progress
Now progress in this mode will depend on performance. By winning two matches in a row, you advance further than before. And if you lose just one, you won’t lose as much as before.

5, More Club League tickets
Now with the new update there will be six tickets on the final day of the Club League season.

6, Purchasing Power Points with Club Points
Another novelty is that it will be possible to buy power points proportional to your club points.

7, Change to unique visuals for this update
The Seasonal, Star League and Brawl Pass Skins from this update will be exclusive for a while, and then they will be made available in store deals.

8, Free Reactions at the Brawl World Championship
Reactions based on Brawl players every month via on competition days, just like last year’s Worlds Finals.

9, Free Power Points in crates
With this next update, when opening crates, you may be surprised with power points in them.

10, New Maps
Several new maps are coming in all game modes.
Knockout Mode unlocked in Map Creator
Finally, the knockout mode will be released for the community to create their own maps.

11, New reactions
As usual, we will have new reactions in the game, including some animated ones.

12, Back of Basketball-Brawl and Duel
Both game modes will return as a seasonal in-game mode.

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