2022 April Brawl Talk News Preview

It’s been almost two months since Brawl Talk last update, and the community is looking forward to new additions to the game. Today the development team announced that we would have a Brawl Talk tomorrow to reveal what’s coming in the next update!

And as is tradition, a preview is published on the game’s social networks on the subject of news and the preview is scheduled on the official YouTube channel, revealing more details.

Tomorrow's Brawl Talk Preview

This Friday (22), Supercell published an image on Twitter. We can see Stu with several trophies in the background and preparing a dining table with a “Starr Kitchen” apron in a kitchen environment. At the bottom of the image, through the window, we can see some letters, which may indicate the update’s theme.

Brawl Talk tomorrow

And in the preview video scheduled for tomorrow, we can see in the thumbnail skins for the Skin that seems to be inspired by Among us and the silhouette of a new brawler or would it be two?! Because the text says “Two sisters”.

Other News

The title reveals that we will have two brawlers, “PvEvP” mode, without revealing more details…

PvEvP is the acronym for “player vs environment vs player”, a player mode against some artificial intelligence (either a character or environment that interacts) against the player.

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